Ok, folks, here we go, it’s January 2, 2013 and we all have things in our life that we want to change, as diabetics one of those things is surely to get rid of this disease and it can be done. So here’s my first posting for the New Year, what I had for breakfast, lunch and dinner. As I have spoken of before, if you are serious about curing diabetes type 2, then you need to eat right and by eating right particularly if you live in the United States, you will have to get off of processed food. McDonalds, Jack in Box, all fast foods have to go. Shopping at most grocery stores needs to be done with discretion. If you have a local farmer’s market go there. For breakfast, I had an orange and nuts with raisins. For lunch bean soup with hamhocks, and for dinner brocoli and some more beans. I know it doesnt’ sound very fancy, but it is healthy and that’s what counts. I will be posting once or twice a week, what I am eating, how and where I am excerising and how my progress with my blood sugar and blood pressure count is. Exercise for today was riding my bike for an hour on side streets and up and down the hills of this town.

Exercising in this fashion just for an hour lowers my blood sugar from the 180′s to the 120′s and blood pressure normalizes to 133 over 81. A note on blood pressure, we want to keep it down as much as possible, but as most of you know, our blood pressure will jump around on a daily basis, so what you want to check is about a half an hour after you have done your exercise whether it be biking or swimming or walking or whatever, check your blood pressure daily to see that you have a good average after your exercises. Ok, stay on the routine and you will see results, just stay tuned and watch what happens to me over the next 30,60 to 90 days. thanks and stay with it, James

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