Moving forward with the diabetes cure

hello everybody, stay with us now, in the next few days I am going to start what I call, “the curative diabetes diet.” We have all heard the saying that, “you are what you eat.” And it really is true, just today here’s what I had for lunch, a beet salad. This salad consisted of chopped beets, chopped green onions and a salad dressing. The salad dressing was red apple vinegar, virgin olive oil and crushed pepper. It was all organic and so delicious and, of course, nutritious.
I want everybody to follow along as I go on this two week diet. The eating diet will consist of completely non processed foods. Breakfasts will be mostly fruits, apples, oranges, etc. and nuts, usually mixed non salted nuts. Lunch is usually some sort of vegetable soup, tomato, green beans, brocolli, chard, etc. and dinner is usually beans and some form of protein, meat or fish or chicken.

Since I started my fruits and vegetables and some protein diet in late September, I have lost over 20 pounds, now it’s time to take the weight down again, if my theory is right in the next two weeks, I will lose another 10 pounds or so and my blood sugar and blood pressure will continue to stabalize.

This is, of course, the goal. I will also be documenting my exercise routine. My exercise routine consists of bike riding at least twice a week, swimming at least twice a week and doing strength training twice a week. Each day, we will go thru, what my diet consisted of, what the exercise routine was and what the blood pressure and blood sugar reading are. I will also post what sort of weight losses I have had, so stay with us as we go thru this next step in the process of getting the weight off, getting off the proessed foods and stablizing your blood sugar and blood pressure without the use of medications.

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