First day, diet and exercise

ok Folks, here we go, my first day on the diabetes diet, here’s what for breakfast, one apple chopped with mixed nuts and a cup of green tea, decafinated. Lunch is cup of vegetable broth, radishes fresh, avacado, and several slices of turkey jerky, organic. Dinner, more radishes, another cup of broth, bowl of cauliflower and several slices of turkey jerky. That’s it for today, exercise was small weights, resistence training. Tomorrow will be bike riding and Thursday will be stair climbing, next week comes more of the swiming. We should see a knock off of 3 to 5lbs. by mid week, next week. Let’s see what happens, as we go along I will be speaking about the use of nutritional supplements as well. One supplement you all need to invest in is Hawthorne berry. This supplement stabalizes blood sugar. Another of the supplements you need to work on getting are the detox supplements for liver, kidneys and pancreas. I will be disclosing what these products are in my 3 step process which will be coming out in a month of so. For now that’s it, we just have to stay with it for results, remember stay away from processed foods. All the best Jim

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