The Diabetes Diet, an ebook

and a good evening to all, the ebook, the Diabetes Diet is finally out, it’s now on and selling for .99, it’s a great deal and here is the link,

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ok, so there you have it, The Diabetes Diet,  you can also find it at the website,

I wish you all the best and stay healthy, yours, jc


Fotosearch_k10235315  hello to all, and just a reminder, my new ebook, The Diabetes Diet is coming to Amazon’s kindle within the next week, from December 20th till Christmas, this ebook will be offered on kindle for free, and there is a special holiday section to the book and  what to eat during the holidays, so you will keep your weight down and your blood sugar stable, so here is a part of the book cover, these raw fruits and vegetable.

Another part of the cover is a couple riding their bikes, all of which is at the designer’s and should be ready for the kindle formatter soon, then we will upload the whole ebook and start selling it, but first for the beginning few days it will be on kindle for free. (Dec. 20-24)

This ebook has nearly one hundred diets from the paleolithic to the mediterranean diets and several juicers diets, these are great diets for diabetics.  If you have diabetes, you will want to read this ebook and use it as a reference for, what’s for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

There are several other sections to the ebook, one of the exercise routine that diabetics need to have and another on the nutritional supplements, specifically the vitamins, minerals and herbs that will help a diabetic keep their blood sugar levels stable.

The purpose of this book is to get people with diabetes to keep their blood sugar stable to a point where their A1c levels will go down and stay down in the normal ranges of 5.0 to 5.5 and this can be accomplished if people with diabetes adhere to the food diets in the book and adhere to the exercise routines and take the vitamins, minerals and herbal supplements mentioned in the book.  It can be done, I am living, breathing proof of this, all the best and go check out the book and the website at

The Diabetes Diet

and a wonderful evening to all, so here it is November already and Thanksgiving is just around the corner and now let me discuss with you abit your diabetes diet for the holidays, for Thanksgiving, turkey will be just great, but you gotta go easy on the gravy and dressing, and forget about mashed potatoes, use Yams or sweet potato instead of the white mashed ones,

that will help your diabetes and stay away from the bread, you don’t need it, for all of you who read this blog, you need to get ready for the upcoming publication of my new ebook, The Diabetes Diet, this book will be uploaded to Amazon’s kindle in another 2 to 3 weeks and the first few days of the first month promotion the ebook will be free, so make a note of that.

I’ve already gotten some really good reviews of the book, people like it and if you are diabetic, you need to understand that the most important thing you do everyday is eat food and you have to be particular about what you eat, for diabetics, diabetes is all in the food.

so watch what you eat, better go get The Diabetes Diet and it will tell you what to eat, all the best and happy holidays, jc

Why Food is so Important

Why is food so important to diabetics?  Because it’s affects are so long lasting.  As a diabetic, if you don’t watch carefully what you eat, you will start to gain weight and if this happens it can reverse all of your gains in terms of blood sugar levels and blood pressure.  This is not something you want to do.

The foods that you as a diabetic want to eat are the medit diet and the paleo diet.  Foods that are fruits and vegatables, for example, around this place right now, pomegranates fruits are in season.  These are some of the most awesome fruits you can eat. Other fruits and vegetables are such things as apples and oranges which are usually always in season and artichokes that are delicious.

If you have any questions whatsoever about what sort of diet you need to stay on, go to the website at and check out the new ebook, The Diabetes Diet, which will be out shortly.  This ebook will be on Amazon’s kindle exclusively and this should happen sometime around the end of this month of October, 2014.

In the meantime, stay away from the fast foods and the processed foods, eat only the lean proteins of turkey and beef jerky and fish and the fruits and the vegetables.  To your great health.




eBook, The Diabetes Diet

hello and good evening to all, I just wanted to let you all know that by the end of October, the new eBook, The Diabetes Diet will be forth coming, finally, it took all summer to write.

This eBook is about 10,000 words and it’s alittle over 40 pages and it covers everything from a juicer diet to a paleo diet and everything inbetween.  It speaks to the exercise behavior and attitude that we as diabetics need and it has a whole, long chapter regarding the useful herbs diabetics need to use.  It is an essential ebook for people with type 2 diabetes and it only costs, 2.99 on kindle in fact during the first month of distribution on Amazon’s kindle it will be offered for free for a two day give away promo, so look for the upcoming dates on that.

The purpose of the ebook was to give diabetics the needed information that will start them on the path of curing their type 2 diabetes.  This is why I wrote the ebook, so that people with diabetes could have and follow a plan so that they could control their blood sugars and control their blood pressure.  I wish you all the best in good health.

Working on your Blood Sugar and Diet

hello and a wonderful evening to all, it’s been a great summer even though it is now coming to an end, but here, knock on wood, we are experiencing a wonder Indian Summer, temperatures where in the 80′s today and this afternoon I went on a great hike, I hiked up thru the highschool and went up the old cross country path where we used to run cross country in highschool, then I hiked up the old second street gate when up to Campus Drive, then hiked down the creek to the Plunge, it’s about a five or six mile hike that takes over an hour, but it’s a very pleasant hike, so no bike riding today, just hiking and it’s a great alternative to the bike ride.

I am preaching the same old spiel and that is, you must watch what you eat, diet is the most important thing you can do, you can do your exercises, take your herbal remedies, but if you eat cake and cookies none of this will matter, you have to have a proper diet, fruits, vegetables and lean proteins only, get rid of the bread, get rid of the pastries, get rid of the fast food, get rid of the processed foods, you have to do this, I know it takes time and it does not happen over night, but you must continue to work on it.

So this is your process as a diabetic, you exercise on a regular basis, everyday, you take the nutritional supplements that are suggested in, The 3 Step Process, at, and you must watch your daily food diet and count your calories.  good luck







HELLO AND GOOD EVENING TO ALL, it’s been a wonderful summer and now I am happy to report, in April when I first started the hill climbs here in the San Francisco bay area, I could not ride my bicycle up any of the hills, now I ride the bike up all the hills without getting off and walking and this has just been a matter of 4 months of riding the bikes every other day, so you see, this is what you have to do to gain the progress you need with these exercise routines.

Also in the course of this summer I have had an incredible discovery.  I have found a group of herbs that really does lower your blood sugar levels and this is amazing because regardless of what you eat, for example, yesterday I ate that damn soy cream cherry with chocolate chip and this morning my blood sugar was at 120, this is really unbelievable and it’s awesome because I have always believed that somewhere the cure for this disease exists and it exists in the natural world and now I have been proven correct, my next project with herbal remedies is going to be with blood pressure and I am convinced I will find a solution, it is only a matter of time.

at the moment the landing page on the site is being re-worked and it will probably take about a month to get it finished,, but once this work is finished, then the herbal supplements that stabilize your blood sugar will be on the landing page and you can buy them there.  I can assure you that these herbs will significantly lower your blood sugar levels and you will no longer need the poisonous pharmaceutical drugs that big pharma shoves down our throats, natural herbs that’s all you will need.

Now back to the other things we as diabetics need to do in order to maintain stable blood sugar levels, in order to maintain stable pressure levels and in order to lose the weight we need to lose and in order to get our A1c level down to normal ranges, these are goals we always have, every day, every moment, every time.  This is the process that will reverse our diabetes and this is what we want, so you must maintain a regular exercise routine, you must maintain a regular diet, a mediterrenean or paleo diet or the green diet or the juicer diet,  all of which you can find in my new eBook, The Diabetes Diet, soon to be on Amazon’s kindle,

so my friends, keep up the exercise, keep down the diet and maintain your attitude, it’s what will save your life, jc

Why You Must Constantly Monitor your Diabetes

hello and good evening, it’s another gorgeous evening here in the San Francisco bay area, it’s August and the late summer evening’s are wonderful, today we are going to discuss the importance of having a routine when it comes to your exercise regiment. You want to make it routine, something that you do without even thinking about it, like this summer for me, my swimming and biking routine has been like automatic, every Tuesday and Thursday, I get on my bike and ride to the pool and swim out my 80 plus laps for the mile for that session, and ever other day, I get on my mountain bike and head up the hill for a 90 minutes bike climb that goes straight up these hills, it’s easy coming down, but it’s 90 minutes going up and this is what you have to do if you are diabetic, this is what you do to get your A1c levels down to the normal ranges, this type of regular exercise, plus what you eat and the ever important nutritional supplements that you need to take daily, like the vitamin D and CoQ-10, not to mention, an entire list of other supplements, see my website, for more info on this and if you buy the product, The 3 Step Process on that site, you will get a whole list of nutritional supplements which you need to buy and take daily.

I am happy to report that I am now finishing the last chapter of the eBook, The Diabetes Diet, which will soon be on Amazon’s kindle, I am hoping by November or certainly before Christmas.  I will post here when the eBook hits Kindle, it will probably be offered for free for 60 to 90 days, that would be the time to pick it up.

For now, the things you need to do is, exercise regularly, maintain a food diet that is healthy and devoid of fast foods and processed foods, eat fresh fruits and vegetable and lean protein, like fish and venison and buffalo meats, stay away from processed ground beef and store bought poultry, and remember keep on biking….





Food is Medicine

and a wonderful summer August day to all, so what’s going on, let me tell you my story, this summer I have been exercising more than I can remember. For example when I was living in the basin, that’s LA, at my peak of performance exercise, I was riding the bike along the river trails at least 3 times a week and swimming twice weekly, so I was swimming two miles a week and riding the bike about 50 miles a week, so as far as a weekly exercise routine, this is not too bad, but today and this summer my exercise routine has been even more intense and this is why.

The bike riding I do here in the SF east bay is riding these bikes up these east bay hills and some of them are steep and when I first started this routine in April, I couldn’t ride the bike to the top of the hill without getting off and walking, but now I can ride all the way up the hill and when my brother and I ride these hills we ride all the way to the top and it takes 90 minutes of riding to get there, so this type of bike riding is alot more intense than riding the bikes along the LA river trails, where there are no steep hills, you are following the river in the basin.

With this type of intense workout, one would expect that my weight loss would have been more pronounced, but it is not and why is that?  Because of one word, food.  It’s all in the food people, it’s what you eat.  If you eat the processed and fast foods, you can forget about losing any weight.  It’s not gonna happen.  My problem this summer has been the Chinese bakery which is right down street, where these guys make these delicious peanut butter cookies, where they put the chopped up peanuts in the cookies, they are outrageously delicious and he charges two bucks for a baker’s dozen and they are fresh out of the oven.  How does it get any better than that?  It doesn’t and that’s the problem, that and Trader Joes down street, etc. etc. this is problem with America.  All of these sugary, processed and fast foods that are cheap and convenient, that is killing us, so you have to have the discipline to just get rid of the crap because it will kill you and I know, believe me I know, it’s not easy.

So what do you do?  Go to my website,  buy the product, The 3 Step Process, it’s all about, diet, exercise and nutritional supplements and look for the upcoming, The Diabetes Diet, where you can find even more information on how to avoid the pitfalls of living in the processed food capital of the world.  You have to have discipline, you have to have knowledge and you have to have perseverance.  To the best of your health.







Why food is sooooo Important?

and a wonderful hello to all, it’s Sunday and time to get ready for the beginning of a new week, my brother and I rode the bikes up the hill this morning, this is always a brutal ride, it’s going straight up these hills for miles, it takes 90 minutes of hill climbing to get to the top, but it’s worth it, this type of exercise is life changing, the title for this post is food and we are going to talk about that momentarily, but exercise, especially strenuous exercise is what diabetics need, so that they can stabilize their blood sugar.

I want to speak about food, because it is such an important part of being diabetic, in fact food is the reason why we got diabetes, or more precisely, eating the wrong foods, when you have diabetes, there are several types of foods you need to stay away from, one bread, any types of bread, cookies, way to much sugar, and you want to completely avoid, any type of fast food or processed foods, stay away from all of these foods, the types of foods you eat are natural and many fruits and vegetables and lean proteins, like nuts and fish,  these are the types of food you want to eat.

If you stay away from the processed, fast foods, breads and cookies, and only eat fruits, veggies and lean proteins, then you will lose weight and you will stabilize your blood sugars and your blood pressure.  How do I know this, because this is what I have done and you can do it as well and remember while you are on this type of food diet, which should be your diet for life, you need to maintain your exercise program, what ever that might be.  all the best, jc